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If you have questions or doubts about your current insurance or are looking to get some advice on what is best for you, the TAG team can review your requirements and put together a tailored insurance package to suit your particular needs. When you need to lodge a claim, your dedicated insurance adviser is here to resolve your claim in a few business days, not weeks.

We look after all types of insurances, including private medical cover, critical illness, income protection, life cover, mortgage and rent cover, and permanent disability. If any of these terms are foreign to you, do not worry. Contact us today, and we’ll explain things so you can make educated decisions.

What can we do for you?

Insurance products are usually used in combination. Trauma cover is linked with Mortgage and Income Protection. Each insurance product is focused on a specific scenario, and using them together protects you. Using the right mix of insurances to replace 100% of your income will provide a window of time to make good decisions for your future without the financial stress if unable to work from a disability or illness.

Private Medical Cover

Private medical cover will allow you to obtain specialist treatment in a private hospital of your choice in the event of serious accidents or illnesses. For a relatively low cost, you can have insurance in place to pay when you need to worry about your health, not the money.

Here at TAG, we provide unbiased advice and recommendation on the appropriate private medical cover levels and insurers that suit your situation. We compare and consider factors such as your budget, essential benefits, hospital lists, claims procedure, underwriting options, outpatients coverage, policy excess, and optional add-ons such as travel or dental.

Critical Illness

You can combine critical Illness cover to complement your existing health cover. With the additional peace of mind, this simple plan provides a one-off lump sum to give you a financial boost if you are diagnosed with a qualifying critical illness event (such as cancer or stroke).

If you are recovering from a severe illness, you’ll want to care for your well-being, not just your medical bills. Get in touch with our friendly team of financial advisers today and let us help you navigate the range of different critical illness covers available. 

Income Protection

If you’re sick or injured, income protection can assist in paying up to 75% of your gross earnings until you’re ready to go back to work. You never know when illness or injury might strike and prevent you from working for an extended period of time. Protect your income now before it’s too late.

Income protection has some limitations around offsets. Therefore it is important to get the right advice on structuring your cover using a combination of Income Protection & Mortgage/Rent cover. Most of the people we see with income protection in place have very limited policies with outdated definitions. Speak to our financial advisers so we can help you choose the right income protection insurance plan.

Life Cover

Choosing the right life cover is a pretty important decision, especially if you have a family or loved ones who are dependent on you. Life insurance pays a lump sum to support your family, should the worst happen to you (e.g. terminal illness, sickness and accidental death). The only standard exclusion is for suicide within the first 13 months of setting up the policy.

Make sure you seek professional advice from our financial advisers at TAG to discover the right life insurance option and don’t risk leaving your loved ones in a challenging situation.

Mortgage & Rent Cover

Mortgage and rent cover helps protect your home if you cannot work and make repayments due to illness or accident. This is designed to ensure you can go on living in your home while you’re not receiving your salary or wages. 

Mortgage and rent cover will often form the foundation of our advice around your wealth protection and is a modern, innovative product that is not offset against other payments for the same disability like ACC.

Permanent Disability

Permanent disability insurance pays a lump sum in the event of total and permanent disablement caused by accident or illness. One option is specific to individuals with businesses, and the other to families.

Nobody likes to think about becoming disabled. It’s a horrible reality that it might strike. Yet, permanent disability affects many New Zealanders. An illness can erode your health gradually or quickly until you’re unable to work, or a severe accident could leave you totally and permanently disabled. Work with one of our trusted advisers, and let us take the hassle out of building the right insurance plan for you.

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